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Exciting Things To Do in Barrow, Alaska

Welcome to Barrow, the northernmost city in the United States! Packed with excitement and exhilarating adventures, tourists come from around the world to experience this unique Arctic region. When you stay at the Top of the World Hotel, you can maximize your trip by enjoying easy access to some of the top things to do in Barrow, Alaska. Head out for an impressive visual experience and gaze at the winter's Aurora, or take in some history at the Iñupiat Heritage Center. Most importantly, be sure to experience the Summer Day Tour departing from the hotel, including the Whale Bone Arch and Arctic Ocean visits.
Take a dive into the unique historical past and cultural experiences of the Inupiat through this interactive experience. (Open only on weekdays starting 9/15/18 - 5/15/18)
5421 N Star St, Barrow, Alaska 99723
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Barrow is an ideal location for view the aurora borealis, an experience that draws tourists from around the world.
3060 Eben Hopson Street, Barrow, Alaska
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Take in a great view of the Arctic Ocean through this natural arch made of whale bones in Barrow.
Barrow, Alaska 99723
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From Barrow you can explore the magnificent Arctic Ocean, home to polar wildlife and enormous glaciers.
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This nothernmost U.S. city is home to spectacular wildlife including polar bears, bowhead whales, owls and over 150 migrating bird species.
Barrow, Alaska 99723
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Book one of the best tours in Alaska to see unique attractions and experience Eskimo culture and heritage. Offseason custom tours based on availability.
3060 Eben Hopson Street, Barrow, Alaska 99723
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