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Whale Bone Arch at Alaska

Whale Bone Arch

Barrow, Alaska, 99723
907-852-3900 | Category: Attractions
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Barrow Whale Bone Arch

One of the area's top attractions, the famous Whale Bone Arch provides an ideal setting for amazing photographs. The remnants of a Bowhead whale, these fascinating jaw bones offer an incredible perspective on the massive size of these rare and majestic mammals. They also sit along the Arctic Ocean shoreline, where you can gaze upon bright, vivid sunsets and beautiful marine wildlife. The frames along the Arctic shoreline and in front of some of Barrow's buildings are the skulls of the Bowhead whale.


  • Sightseeing
  • Photography
  • Ocean views


  • When is the best time of the day to take pictures?

    The Whale Bone Arch is an ideal place for photography.