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Wildlife Viewing at Alaska

Wildlife Viewing

Barrow, Alaska, 99723
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Barrow, Alaska Wildlife Viewing

America's northernmost city plays host to a wide variety of animal species you won't see anywhere else. Keep your camera handy to catch photos of the beautiful migratory birds, caribou, foxes, the famous Steller's Eider and ghostly Snowy Owl. The area also offers exhilarating views of walrus, bearded seals, whales and a number of other marine mammals which bring this popular tourist area to life.


Common Wildlife Viewing Areas

  • Cake Eater Road
  • Fresh Water Lake
  • The Arctic Ocean Shorline



  • When is the best time to view Barrow wildlife?

    Since warmer temperatures result in increased animal activity, spring and summer are the best times to view Barrow's wide variety of wildlife.