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Barrow, Alaska
U.S. Toll Free
3060 Eben Hopson Street, Barrow, Alaska 99723
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Impressive Tours in the North Slope

Barrow Hotel Impressive North Slope Tours
Barrow, Alaska is the northernmost city in the United States and offers visitors a unique experience of the Arctic region. While touring the Iñupiat village you will visit culturally specific destinations meeting indigenous Eskimos of the Arctic region. You may witness and experience traditional events and customs. The guide will walk you through the tundra to the ancient remains of the sod huts, stop at iconic sites such as the whale bone arches and the historical registered whaling post. You will be encouraged to either dip your toe or plunge to submersion into the Arctic Ocean. Keep your eye out for the diverse wildlife: polar bears, a variety of whales, walrus, seals, Snowy Owls, and more.
Imagine tapping your foot to traditional drumming, watching the movement of the fur covered mitts, the bouncing pom-poms of the beaded hide mukluks and being invited to dance the native dances during the cultural performance. You will hear the accent of the Eskimos as they generously share with you to describe their history, their art, their way of life through their stories in song.
During the tour through the Iñupiat Heritage Center, the guide will share with you about migration patterns, neighboring villages, subsistence living, festivals and celebrations. You will smell the strong aroma of the marine mammals in the traditional room where you may watch Iñupiat artisans hone their skills while making tools, crafting native art or possibly working on their umiaqs for whaling season. Experience the Arctic hands-on.

Summer Day Tour

  • Cultural presentation
  • Complimentary airport shuttle
  • Walk on the tundra
  • Tour & stop at historic sites
  • Drive to Northernmost point of the U.S. road system
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Whale Bone Arch
  • Visit the Iñupiat Heritage Center
  • Many photo opportunities
  • View available Arctic wildlife
  • Narrated tour of Iñupiat lifestyle
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