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Welcome to Barrow, the northernmost city in the United States! Packed with excitement and exhilarating adventures, this unique Arctic region is a popular destination among tourists worldwide. Take in the awe-inspiring sight of the winter's Aurora, or head out for an outdoor adventure to catch a glimpse of the fascinating wildlife. Discover things to do in Barrow, Alaska, and immerse yourself in history at the Iñupiat Heritage Center. Enjoy easy access to the ocean and visit popular attractions like the iconic Whale Bone Arch. It'll all be waiting for you when you book your stay at the Top of the World Hotel.
Arctic Ocean Access at Barrow

Dip in the Arctic Ocean/ Arctic Ocean Access

Enjoy easy access to the beautiful Arctic Ocean, where gorgeous, panoramic views and unique wildlife combine to create a sightseer's paradise. Chock full of natural wonders, the Arctic Ocean is one of the most popular Alaskan tourist attractions, and our Barrow, AK hotel puts you in a prime spot to see the best it has to offer.
Dip in the Arctic Ocean/ Arctic Ocean Access phone number
Distance from hotel: -0.62 miles
Category: Attractions
Lagoon Boardwalk at Alaska

Lagoon Boardwalk

Enjoy a leisurely stroll as you take in beautiful panoramic views of the lagoon near our hotel. On a nice day, the soothing breeze and relaxing vibe of the boardwalk presents a blissful escape and a refreshing opportunity to experience the charm of a quiet moment surrounded by the awe-inspiring landscape.
Distance from hotel: -0.62 miles
Category: Activities
Iñupiat Heritage Center at Barrow

Iñupiat Heritage Center

Experience the rich and diverse culture of Alaska's native people at the Iñupiat cultural center, which offers a fascinating insight into past and present Iñupiat life. View a rare collection of artifacts and exhibits that reflect unique traditions, technology, and history. Learn about Iñupiat clothing, tools, artwork, and celebrations, as you get a first-hand look into one of the world's oldest cultures.
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Distance from hotel: 0.59 miles
Category: Attractions
Whale Bone Arch at Barrow

Whale Bone Arch

One of the area's top attractions, the famous Whale Bone Arch provides an ideal setting for amazing photographs. The remnants of a Bowhead whale, these fascinating jawbones offer an incredible perspective on the massive size of these rare and majestic mammals. They also sit along the Arctic Ocean shoreline, where you can gaze upon bright, vivid sunsets and beautiful marine wildlife. The frames along the Arctic shoreline and in front of some of Barrow's buildings are the skulls of the Bowhead whale.
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Distance from hotel: 0.01 miles
Category: Attractions
Wildlife Viewing at Alaska

Wildlife Viewing

America's northernmost city plays host to a wide variety of animal species you won't see anywhere else. Keep your camera handy to catch photos of the beautiful migratory birds, caribou, foxes, the famous Steller's Eider, and ghostly Snowy Owl. The area also offers exhilarating views of walrus, bearded seals, whales, and several other marine mammals.
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Distance from hotel: 1.80 miles
Category: Attractions
Winter Aurora Viewing at Barrow

Winter Aurora Viewing

Witness one of nature's most breathtaking phenomena, as the Aurora Borealis causes the winter sky to explode in an array of spectacular colors. Our hotel puts visitors in a prime position to enjoy some of the best views of Alaska's Northern Lights. This free natural wonder is one of the most popular and awe-inspiring local attractions.
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Distance from hotel: 0.00 miles
Category: Attractions
Dining at Alaska


Utqiagvik is home to a diverse array of restaurants serving up a variety of delectable culinary experiences. Treat yourself to classic American flavors at our very own restaurant, Niggivikput, savor Chinese delicacies at Sam & Lee's Restaurant. Delight your taste buds as you explore some of the best places to eat near our North Slope hotel.
Shopping at Alaska


Located in mid-town, our Barrow, AK hotel is close to local shops and supermarkets where you'll find everything from charming mementos to everyday essentials. Our hotel features a small gift shop located at the front desk. There are two grocery stores two blocks away and also a local shop with a variety of souvenirs available across town.
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